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Set in modern day Zimbabwe, and spanning the thirty years since the overthrow of British rule, THE HOUSE OF STONE is a sweeping epic about the death of colonial Rhodesia and the bloody birth of Zimbabwe, and the painful legacy of revolution.

"House of Stone is a striking, striding, rambunctious novel...a book of bold size and wide scope, of moral seriousness and very real political consequence. I admire the pyrotechnics of Novuyo's prose, her audacity and her vision to write Zimbabwe's modern history in a single work; I love that she has the hefty, strutting talent to pull it off. She's sharp-edged, sharp-tongued and so very wise, her view on her country clear-sighted and radically angry, her narrator a creation that stands alongside the great wall-eyed, amoral characters of literature, from Raskolnikov to Ripley." - James Roxburgh, Senior Editor, Atlantic Books



Novuyo Rosa Tshuma was recently awarded a prestigious Bellagio Arts and Literary Arts Residency Award to work on edits for her upcoming novel The House of Stone. She was among a cohort of 14 leading artists, academics and practitioners invited by the Rockefeller Foundation to their Bellagio Villa by Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy to work on her novel project as well as advance action and knowledge supporting Youth as Agents of Transformative Change. “The Bellagio Center Residency Program brings together a range of expertise and perspectives, and it is exciting to be supporting such an exceptional cohort of residents around this important topic,” said Claudia Juech, associate vice president and managing director at The Rockefeller Foundation. More on the Rockefeller Foundation site here.

The Zimbabwean novelist Novuyo Rosa Tshuma writes with an equal commitment to Joycean formal inventiveness and political conscience, and the result is absolutely thrilling.
— garth greenwell, what belongs to you

praise for novuyo's short fiction:

Big Pieces, Little Pieces:

…a wonderful piece of creative writing, la violencia, machismo, domination of women by men, stubborn women, sensitive children, violence against self and others, fragility and power, terror in the house, malehood and femalehood etc.
— chenjerai hove
Here is clear evidence of big talent at work, Talent with a capital T!
— elinore morris


Precocious talent, Novuyo Rosa Tshuma, in this story—as with all her previous works—is a sculptor of words.
— Jera, The Zimbabwean
...excellently catches the nervous anticipation, lonely struggle, self-sacrifice, unwanted dependence on relatives and bloody-minded determination that has characterised so many journeys across the Limpopo.
— Drew Shaw, Mazwi